Terms of Business


The fees for EMG/Nerve conduction studies are a flat fee of £475.

We reserve the right to charge in full for non-attendance to consultations.

COVID-19 precautions

Please follow the up-to-date guidance for the healthcare facility you will be attending.

Insured Patients

  • Insurance companies will be invoiced directly following consultation, unless specifically requested not to by the patient in advance of the consultation. Should this be the case, the patient will need to settle the invoice and a receipt will be issued in order to claim reimbursement from the insurance company.
  • Any shortfall or policy excess is the responsibility of the patient. The company secretary will contact you within 14 days of notification of excess/shortfall in order to facilitate payment if not already made. It is your responsibility to check coverage with your insurance company and notify us of any shortfalls.
  • Please contact your insurer before your consultation to check the terms of your policy, particularly the level and type of outpatient cover you have, including any reimbursement limits on your individual consultation/ diagnostics fees. It is the responsibility of the patient to ensure they have enough cover and/or funds available in advance of treatment and to obtain authorization for any procedures / investigations. In the event of non-payment by the insurance company, the patient is responsible for outstanding fees.
  • S&B Diagnostics Ltd is recognised by most medical insurers.

Uninsured Patients (Self Pay)

  • Uninsured private patient fees are payable prior to the consultation/ diagnostic investigation with receipts issued. A bank transfer can be made with a screen shot sent to confirm transfer.
  • By agreeing to consult with us privately, you agree to be bound by these terms.
  • Failure to make payment may result in the matter being referred to a debt collection agents, whose charges will be added to and payable with the invoice debt or passed to the Small Claims Court which could result in a County Court Judgement affecting your credit rating.
  • Obtaining, storing and sharing your clinical information and data handling
  • Any relevant referral letters, patient history, documentation and imaging will be obtained directly from hospitals, GP surgeries and healthcare centres etc when a consultation/ diagnostics test has been booked, in order to effectively organise the appropriate diagnostic investigations. In booking a consultation consent is given to obtain all relevant referral letters, previous medical records and scans

Data Protection

  • Sensitive patient information will be emailed to patients via an encryption service such as Proofpoint or Egress. In booking a consultation consent is given to sending patient information in this way. For further details on Egress please see below:
  • https://www.egress.com/legal
  • https://www.egress.com/freeuser
  • https://scoop-cms.s3.amazonaws.com/566e8c75ca2f3a5d5d8b45ae/documents/platform-retention-policy-uk-v106-24-january-2019.pdf”
  • S&B Diagnostics Ltd may need to contact your insurance company regarding your diagnostic tests, payments or passing on your relevant health records.
  • Following your consultation we may write to your GP, copying relevant health practitioners to ensure appropriate involvement of relevant health professionals involved in your care.
  • Patient data will be stored on clinic computers and Bluespier, a secure clinical software system and saved for 30 years.
  • For all additional correspondence required for third parties, such as holiday insurance companies and workplace occupational departments, there will be an administrative fee applicable.
  • Patients may be asked to sign a form at the visiting hospital confirming they have been informed of fees.

Quality Information

S&B Diagnostics Ltd is a CQC registered healthcare company for diagnostics and screening procedures. www.cqc.org.uk

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